a journey to the language
most widely spoken
yet only revealed to a few

Jiwan Shakti Kaur

“The physical body is a temple. Take care of it. The mind is energy. regulate it. The soul is the projection. Represent it. All knowledge is false if the soul is not experienced in the body.”

Yogi Bhajan

The Kundalini Yoga course Yogic Body Language will open your eyes for the biggest percentage of our communication: the nonverbal communicationThis course, consists of 3 modules, one weekend per module (the personal, social and global level) analyses and develops our Body Language with which we continuously communicate, yet rarely fully aware of it. 


“The body never lies”

Martha Graham

This fascinating journey is open to all, it’s not needed to be yoga practitioners.

The first level is an analysis of our own personal body language.
What is it saying to us?

These are the points on which we will focus attention in this first personal level:

– General analysis of communication
– What is communication, what are the ingredients?
– Where is Body Language born (biochemically speaking) and why is this important?
– How, why and when body language can be a problem
– Areas of communication (intimate, personal, social communication …)
– The body as a vehicle of communication
– How physical energetic patterns create Body Language
– The influence of the Chakras on the Body Language
– Practical analysis of each participant
– Practical tools for the interpretation of Body Language
– Yogic tips for each participant by their Body Language

“It’s not important what you say; it’s important what somebody hears when you speak. It is important how the inner ear sends the signal and how the body language correlates. If the body language and your words are the same, the other will hear it clearly and will understand perfectly.” – Yogi Bhajan


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Steve Jobs

Now we know that our body is constantly communicating. And not only with us, but with everything that surrounds us. The bodies talk to each other. About what? We are aware of it?

– The energy of the meridians / lines of communication – analysis of the functioning of the meridians
– Communication in various environments
– Body Language in the family (common codes, harmonies and conflicts)
– Body Language in work environment (personal codes, conflicts with corporate communication in teams …)
– Separation mind / body and inability to stop communication
– The narcissistic trauma and its consequences
– Daily Manipulation: Body Language in advertising, cinema and television
– Body Language as authentic expression of mind and body
– Social prejudices and preconceptions.
– Body Language under cover (including practical experience of wearing a burka, a niqab …)
– Yogic tips for each participant in regards to conscious communication with the environment

“When you are in the state of the neutral mind, the soul is like a chandelier switched on over you. Communication of the soul is just that light; you are lit up by it.” – Yogi Bhajan


“Never move your soul without your body, or your body without your soul”


Everything in us is rooted in our culture, characterized by language, ethnicity and social context. Nations have their own way of expressing themselves, their politicians verbally and non-verbally represent the country they stand for. In that game, specific body codes are used to manipulate the social environment. In this session of the Yogic Body Language series, we explore our personal non-verbal idiom and span the arc to the impact on society, the media, and the global community.

– The 10 spiritual bodies as a subtle tool of analysis of human communication.
– Particular codes of Body Language in social & work environments.
– Influence of the spoken language on our Body Language
– Influence of national values on our Body Language
– Body Language in politics (politicians and their nonverbal impact on us)
– Communication of individuals within certain social groups.
– Body Language in virtual communication
– Body Language as a manifestation of uniqueness
– Exaltation and humiliation of the body in global comparison
– Global conflicts as a result of individual miscommunication and misunderstandings
– Upgrade: think global, act local
– Establishing uniqueness by reading and interpreting Yogic Body Language

“Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.” – Lobsang Tenzin

Just remember, the language of gesture is more effective than the spoken word.
Body language is very powerful.
Bring the balance within you and project that balance
Yogi Bhajan