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Creativity is a

state of mind!

Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Italy, Tuscany || June 23-29, 2021

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Happiness is a state of mind!

Jiwan Shakti Kaur


a journey to the language
most widely spoken
yet only revealed to a few

Jiwan Shakti Kaur


The mind becomes a monster
when it becomes your master.
The mind is an angel
when it is your servant.

Yogi Bhajan

Our Workshops

Life taught us many things, and it is quite likely that we have only understood very little so far. But there are some things which touched us deeply and allowed us growth and development:

      • Our biggest blessing is our freedom to decide, act and create our life.
      • Happiness or sadness do not just happen. It is us contributing massively to our emotional, mental & spiritual condition and experience of life.
      • To not train our human capacities is a waste of the most precious gift we ever have been given:
        human life.

Our reference is the Yogic teachings, so we use the tools of Kundalini Yoga for a deeper understanding of our life lessons, and this is what we bring to you in our workshops.

Create Your BEST Self, June 23-29, 2021.

Live. In Italy, Tuscany.

Creativity is the key to stand up to everyday life challenges, difficulties, commitments, and responsibilities. Creativity is the privilege of our human existence.

If we do not create, others will.
Eventually, we live someone else’s story book.
Yet, we all know the feeling of fear and insecurities.
The daily load of infinite things to do,
eating our time, our energy. Suffocating our creativity.

There is a sleeping power within all of us.
A motivation lasting through the most difficult times,
an energy letting us stand tall and straight.
Let’s find it.
An experience to ever remember.

HAPPY HORMONES, February 6-7, 2021

Italy, Verona.

It is your birthright to be happy.
Four hormones will do. Know what to do to activate them!

Hormones have a huge influence
on our behavour, our habits, and actions.
Our condition is not written in stone.
we live our biochemistry.
And there is no necessecity to feel
grumpy, procrastinate, or be stressed out.

After years of study and self-experiment (literally),
we share our experience and knowledge in the workshop series of Happy Hormones.
[All are based on basic scientific insights
and solely on Kundalini Yoga.]

The HEALING JOURNEY, Frühjahr 2021

Germany, Bochum.

Clean the negative.
Train the positive.
Awaken the neutral!

Empowerment happens in the brain:
Know how it works.
Meditate. Again & again.

Emotions are like an ocean:
Clean the subconscious for their pure power.
Patterns, habits and reactions shape our life:
Understand your principles and values.
The freedom to decide:
Karma or Dharma?

YOGIC BODY LANGUAGE, February 20-21, 2021

Italy, Venice.

More than 90% of our communication is non-verbal.
Can you imagine the leap in authenticity by
aligning the verbal and non-verbal!?

Yoga teaches us to carefully observe our body:
our posture and position, our breath.
Our emotions, our feelings.
The flow of our energy.
Every movement expresses the flow of energy in our nadis/meridians and our chakras.
Learn how to read the body, its mimic and gestures.
Decipher the underlying emotional condition.
The body never lies.

THE QUALITIES OF 2021, January 3, 2021


2020 confronted us with our reactions towards the Unknown

What we believed to be solid structures, both external and internal, broke apart. Fear, insecurity, doubt and the experience of lack triggered the Instinctual Self and its impulse of survival. In other words, it was easy for the impulses to highjack the thoughts and try to make us believe that the illusions of fear and lack would be reality.
The possible gap between head and the consciousness of the heart could grow big.

2021 invites us to consciously invest in bridging that gap.

Be guided by the deep, spiritual understanding of Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology, and Kundalini Yoga.

“Somewhere in life you need to be you, not what your religion wants, not what your society wants, not what your country wants, not what your neighbors want.
No, you have to be you.
Then, serve all with a big smile on your face.”

Yogi Bhajan

We go where we are called.

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