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When I think of 2022…

…then I see the wonderful images of this video in my inner eye:
Flocks of starlings at sunset in the sky of Rome.
To me it looks like art in the sky:

No idea what it’s for. It makes no sense; it serves no purpose; it fulfils no goal.
It is not practical; it is not effective.
It does not follow any idea of performance and it does not lead to any quantifiable added value.

The accomplishment of the swarms lies in their beauty.
A graceful, elegant dance.
Invisible, but safely guided by an intuition that indicates each individual starling the way in the collective of the swarm.

They do not follow any rules.
Their knowledge of the right flight route works because every little starling puts its survival impulse aside for a little while. It overrides the impulse to ensure its survival exclusively by eating, drinking and sleeping.

Or, formulated differently:

The fact that there are no fatal collisions and fortunately it does not rain starlings from the sky lies in the release of their individual limitations. A commitment to the “we”, to the community of the swarm, becomes a living intelligence that enchants me in its beauty.

The images of the artistic flocks of starlings is an analogy for the qualities of the year 2022.

The gift of the year is in the 4 that results from looking at the year “22”.
2+2 = 4.
The 4th spiritual body is the neutral Mind. The raising and growing beyond the instincts and impulses of the “animal” Self, the development of our human potential:
towards being human.

The year gives us clues to the destiny that the New Year holds:
2+0+2+2 = 6 – The Arch Line
The 6th spiritual body stands for clarity, intuition, meditation and prayer; the fine arts.

However, I also see many 2s ahead:
The 2nd spiritual body is the negative Mind.
But “negative” is not “bad”. In Karam Kriya, the Negative Mind is associated with positive and negative qualities.
(Just like any number. There are no “good” or “bad” numbers. It always depends on what we make of it).
Perhaps we could say “challenges” and “opportunities” instead. In Karam Kriya we also say “Karma” und “Dharma”:

The karma of the number 2 is disappointment, lament & complaint, a feeling of lack, never enough.
The dharma of the number 2 is connection, energy, expansion, innocence, loyalty, reflection.

It is not enough to get stuck with the many 2s or to rely on social romanticism, sense of community and intuition.
The 2s are the building blocks that make up the year 6. The 2s form the 4 in the same way.

Just like the bricks that form a wall. With further components it becomes a house. The brickstones support the house.
So it is with the quality of the year 2022.
Only in the big picture can we dare to understand the numbers of the New Year.

The numbers of the year 2022 bring with them universal characteristics and aspects.
Which qualities one experiences personally depends on one’s own perspective.

Nevertheless, we all have a choice which of these qualities we want to manifest in our lives.

From the little bird-self to the big bird-self:

© SunGalaa, Sohan Kaur (CC)

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