Shiv Charan Singh

“In this terrifying world ocean of poison people are drowning, please lift them and save them.”

Guru Ramdas, SGGS p 40

The QUALITIES of 2020

Karam Kriya & Kundalini Yoga Workshop


Sohan Kaur

Be guided by the deep, spiritual understanding of Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology, and Kundalini Yoga.

Karam Kriya was given by Yogi Bhajan and developed by Shiv Charan Singh. It is the applied science of numerology, giving you a new understand of your soul’s journey through time & space.

Karam Kriya offers an organic access to the wisdom of the 5 elements and the 10 spiritual bodies. For centuries, certain qualities have been associated to numbers, so we can draw deep insights and a new perspective of your soul’s journey through time and space.

Let the numbers guide you!

What will the workshop do for you?

This workshop provides you with an introduction to Karam Kriya, so you gain the basic skills to understand the nature of numbers, e.g. the numerological qualities of the New Year. Also, you will learn how to apply your insights to your personal date of birth, finding your number of the year.

The number of the year:

Number 4 – Guru Ramdas – Neutral Mind:

The Karma of number 4 is doubt, confusion, hesitation and paralysis of the heart.
The Dharma of number 4 is inner awareness, trust, conscious choice, commitment, love and service.

We take things to heart. This is not a problem, its human.
The question is not merely what can we do with all the things that we take to heart, but what to do with the state that our heart ends up in?
The heavy heart is not to be denied, avoided or repressed. It is a blessing awaiting transformation.
Hesitation can be used as an opportunity to pause for breath and to be with your inner self, which is the true source of strength.
Confusion is a chance to let go of control and trust. Paralysis is a small step away from crystallization of the diamond.

It is the truth of self that we feel each other’s pains and joys. It is the truth of the human heart to know the other’s experience from within ourselves.
The heart even needs this to cultivate its latent potential. All these experiences are so that we can develop a big heart and a strong heart.
Commitment to Humanity is a commitment to be human. And with this commitment we turn to prayers, to the breath, to service and to poetry. In this way we turn painful moments and memories into possibilities and opportunities. We make music out of life’s difficulties.

The soul is like a bird and will more easily migrate through the time and space when flying with other birds
Shiv Charan Singh

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