Kundalini Yoga

  • Comprehensive.

  • Fast.

  • Effective.

International Teacher Training courses:

Level 1, Level 2 and the 21 Stages of Meditation

internationally certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute)

The Aquarian Teacher

In the pressure and challenge of today’s world, people need practice and right information to help stay steady and healthy. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful way to do this:
It brings energy and balance to your life.

During the teacher training, you learn these tools profoundly. But even more important:
You find your personal way to integrate them into your life!
By the wisdom of your experience, you will become able to even help others on their way.

The journey to becoming an Aquarian Teacher is described in three levels.
  • Level 1 is a comprehensive yoga training experience where one learns the foundations of Kundalini Yoga.
    You embody the identity of an instructor.
  • Level 2 is made up of five different modules that support the experience of transformation.
    The instructor grows into a true practitioner of Kundalini Yoga.
  • Lastly, the 21 Stages of Meditation are a thorough journey to the depth of the inner Self. Stage by stage, we raise up to link individual consciousness to universal.
    They are a part of the Level 3 Training Program, cultivating realization through deep meditation, selfless service, and spiritual community.
    The solid foundation allows you transformation, reaching up to mastery.