Hypnosis Consultation

Yogi Bhajan deeply understood the importance to use the capacity of hypnosis and dedicated a whole stage of the 21 Stages of Meditation to the process of hypnosis:

“To put yourself under a hypnotic trance is very essential. It is very curative for the person doing it, not for anyone else. (…) This capacity is a requirement of meditation, it’s not a gimmick. (…)
I don’t know how you live without this meditative capacity [of hypnosis]. Without it, I know you miss and crisscross many things in your life. It’s unbelievable!
We must develop our intuition to lock in the totality with our projection.”

Hypnosis clears the way.
It refines and masters the mind, it aligns you with your focus. It provides you with the foundation for developing your basic creative and intuitive abilities.

Yogi Bhajan explained hypnosis as a meditation technique, allowing us easily to access the power of projection and release our limitations fast and effectively.
As we release our limitations, we transcend our finite ego-self and realise our basic, true Sat Nam identity.
The closer we get to our true identity, the more congruent is our life and our destiny. The more congruent our human and the Divine plan, the closer our individual consciousness to the Universal Consciousness.
The inner light shines stronger, and we realise:

“I am the light of my soul.“

As that light increases, so too our presence becomes stronger.

Hypnosis helps your inner light to shine. It brings light into unconscious portions of your emotions and feelings, transforming your karmic patterns:
It enables you to name what sabotages you. When you can name something, you gain the power to initiate conscious change.
Your inner light enlightens your Radiant body, and your Radiant Body grants you presence.

“You do not experience and realise that you, the human being, are the living beacon of light. You can enjoy your own light!
That is actually the purpose of your life.
Enjoy your own light; you don’t need a God, you are the God.
[We try] to get that shadow out of you so that you can have your own life, your own feelings and your own relationship between you and your Self.”
(Yogi Bhajan in “21 Stages of Meditation“)

The multifaceted techniques of hypnosis bring light into the dark corners of our self-perception and permit our projection a new alignment towards our inner light.
That bestows presence – which is more than charisma, more than beauty.
It is the power of a coherent projection from our true identity – beyond our present roles and characteristics.
Like a strong, invisible magnetic field, this projection radiates in everything we do and aligns all things around us.
We attract what we project:
The Law of Projection and Attraction begins to work in harmony; the universe responds, offering opportunities to manifest our potential.

Yogi Bhajan explains by the example of success:

“Success is very enjoyable, but with fear it may not happen.
The solution is if you project: „You are a woman plus successful“.
Then there shall be no fear. It will all happen. (…)
You have to be you and your presence must work. And if your presence is not yours, or if somebody can steal away your presence, then whatever you have means nothing.”

By the easy and effective tools of hypnosis, new neuronal networks can be established.
Our brain wants to learn: Behind all behaviour patterns are neuronal networks we are able to change. The resources of a new, successful future hide behind our anxiety, sorrow, fear and limiting dogma.
Transforming the power of our emotions, they become a strong motor of our capacity to act and nurture no longer our karmic, reactive patterns by emotional commotion.
Nothing and no one apart our habits and fears stops us exploring new avenues. Hypnosis establishes access to all our slumbering potential and initiates modification of behaviour, serving the achievement of our objectives.

During a hypnosis, you enter a state comparable to meditation in which a conversation takes place.
Anytime, you are fully aware and able to act, react and respond.

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