Hormonal Consultation

All our emotions, passions and actions are determined by a hormone. Same for our health, the physical and mental state of being.

You aren’t “made like that”, you aren’t a “grumpy one”, or a “lazy one”… We, you are biochemistry. Our capacity to love, understand, accept and even our mood, hunger, thirst, desire, ability to concentrate, to procreate, to resist, our way to live relationships, our sexual potency, everything is connected to our endocrine glands and their functioning.

Prolonged stress, wrong food, lack of exercise, incoherent lifestyle, menopause and andropause are some of the main causes of the loss of hormonal balance.

During the consultation, you will learn how to read the signals your body is sending you. You will receive a multi-choice test about your style life in order to define your hormonal status through your behaviours.
What you will receive is a 3-month program, to improve and equilibrate the hormonal level, and rebalance all the systems, consisting of kriya, meditation, mantra, food suggestions, small changes in lifestyle…

“If the glandular secretion and the blood chemistry are not right, it doesn’t matter how powerful and wonderful you are, you are a handicapped person.”

Yogi Bhajan

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