European Yoga Festival 2020

Program Peace Prayer Day

Peace Prayer Day. Peace in our heart. Peace in our communities. Peace in the world.


AUGUST 1, 2020

This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will not be meeting as usual in France at the European Yoga Festival.
Instead, 3HO Europe hosts an one day Online Peace Prayer Day!
Of course, this is not the same as being physically with each other, laugh with each other, sweat with each other, experience the teachings together.
But as yoginis & yogis we know:
Connection works also in a far more subtle way, we tune in, we open our hearts and we do feel connected with ALL.
So feel warmly welcome to this event to learn new things and keep our inspiration high.

The day will run from Sadhana until late evening and will include workshops on Kundalini Yoga and live music.
If guidelines in your area allow you to gather in a small group, inspire your community by inviting them to join in person by watching and sharing this special Online Peace Prayer Day!

Your participation is FREE or based on your DONATION (all will be given to charity).

Sohan Kaurs Workshop

Peace within You.

We are honoured to contribute
to this year’s Peace Prayer Day on Saturday 1, 2020
9 to 11h (CET).

Peace within You

The ability to find peace within us is the precondition to real relaxation.
Relaxation is the precondition to relate to others.

A state of relaxation changes our brain frequency and neutralises stress, which allows us to be receptive and aware:

  • A connection to our true Self establishes, we expand towards our self sensory system.

From that only true point of Self, authentic relations to others can be built, healing our tension, letting go of our fear, doubt and insecurity.

Relax ultimately. 
Find peace in yourself. 
Find peace in your heart.

Join Sohan Kaur for an experience of the science behind deep relaxation.

We look forward meeting YOU online!