Karam Kriya Consultation

Karam Kriya* – become what you are

Karam Kriya is conscious communication showing ways to your fundamental abilities and qualities, leaving your restricting habits behind.
Besides the communication itself, the date of birth is a diagnostic tool for change, a window to the basic patterns of life, to your vocation and destiny.

Sometimes we find ourselves in structures conveying security – but it is not a fundamental, satisfying security.
This security is a result of the subconscious repetition of familiar structures: family patterns, social imprints, cultural imprints. But we move on, the world moves on. As we grow older and more mature, the old structures no longer match the living conditions.
They transform into a prison of false security.

Karam Kriya moves the seemingly immovable of these circumstances and structures, provides the power to change circumstances, seek supportive circumstances, and reasonably recycles restrictive interpretations of these circumstances.
Karam Kriya is a special conversation inviting the soul and inviting us to voice it, to express it.

The name „Karam Kriya“ was given to Shiv Charan Singh by Yogi Bhajan, who recognised the science of applied numerology.

[*] „Karam Kriya” translates as “action accomplishing the intention“ and describes the path from a habitual life to a life in consciousness where your habits serve you.