How to choose a yoga class

Sat Naam These times in which almost everything has stopped have offered the possibility of pausing and reflecting. And if while you were reflecting or, rather, meditating without knowing it, the idea of ​​starting a yoga practice…
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Karam Kriya and the Qualities of June

Understand the qualities of the month June by Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology, and Wonder Woman!


We invite a change from karma as a given fate towards karma as a kind, repetitive teaching of what contributes and what damages our aspiring towards our Higher Self. We invite discernment and the power of No! to empower ourselves to make the…


Our vision is a free world. (No joke.) Saying “free world” we mean a human race which has taken over the most powerful tool for reaching freedom: self-responsibility. Whatever we do has consequences. Whatever we do not do, also has…