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We invite a change from karma as a given fate towards karma as a kind, repetitive teaching of what contributes and what damages our aspiring towards our Higher Self. We invite discernment and the power of No! to empower ourselves to make the right decisions. We create the space where the wounds and pain of […]


Our vision is a free world. (No joke.) Saying “free world” we mean a human race which has taken over the most powerful tool for reaching freedom: self-responsibility. Whatever we do has consequences. Whatever we do not do, also has consequences. Being able to act means being able to decide. Being able to act means […]

Karam Kriya Consultation

Karam Kriya* – become what you are Karam Kriya is conscious communication showing ways to your fundamental abilities and qualities, leaving your restricting habits behind. Besides the communication itself, the date of birth is a diagnostic tool for change, a window to the basic patterns of life, to your vocation and destiny.

The Quality of 2019

Be guided by the deep, spiritual understanding of Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology, and Kundalini Yoga. Come and experience this precious wisdom in an environment which has given birth to countless heroes and civilizations: Will you become the hero of your story, in the pressure of all or nothing?