Our vision is a free world.
(No joke.)

Saying “free world” we mean a human race which has taken over the most powerful tool for reaching freedom:

Whatever we do has consequences. Whatever we do not do, also has consequences.

Being able to act means being able to decide.
Being able to act means having the energy for acting, and keeping up.
Being able to act asks for alignment towards the direction of the True Self.


Often we perceive limits, set by our environment which, in fact, only exist in our head. This illusion of limits result in a fatal consequence:
Instead of moving, performing righteous actions to reach our destination, or at least make steps towards it, we get passive.

A vicious circle starts.

The experience of the imagined limits makes us smaller and smaller, and mostly we look out for finding the evidences of these limits around us. And from the moment we look out for something, neuronal magic happens:
Ever wanted to buy a car?
When you are interested in one special model, let’s say a Porsche 911, out of a sudden you will see many of them on the street!
There are not more than before, but you experience a change in your awareness.

Your interest directs your awareness.

So, looking out for the evidences of our limitations, we can be sure to find them.

And as we look out, not in, we also can be sure that we will enter the game of shame and blame. We feel ashamed that we are so small, so unable to get going, not performing the actions which would bring us forward, so unworthy and incapable. All the evidence we have found outside prove eventually that we are the victims of circumstances, preferable of the past, so we blame our parents, our childhood experiences, the school education system, work. Our partner, colleagues, our teacher.
The list is endless and subject to our expandability.

What we lose, spiralling down into our self-made hell, is the freedom to decide.

We do not perceive that, at any time, we have the possibility to say No! and do things differently.
It comes with risks though:
When I take the reins, I cannot blame anyone else anymore than myself.
A strong antagonist, creating a false comfort, is psychologically spoken, the “secondary disease gain” which we lose when we stop our game of shame and blame, i.e. we would have to face the loss of all we get back from the environment because of our victim-role: attention, care, consolation, encouragement, affirmation, positivity, support or simply someone that listens to our story.


Freedom starts with a NO.

The definition of our availability is crucial for defining our energy outlets.

  • All the things we do, all the things we have the impression we need to do – do we really?
  • Did we, consciously or subconsciously, decide to be available for them?
  • Where do past agreements hide which need to be re-negotiated?
  • Where can we identify patterns which might have been useful in the past, but are not anymore in the present, or shall not be in the future?

The more things I say No to, the less attachments I have, the more energy is available.

Every No to the outside is a yes to your Self.


What are your principles upon which you base your decisions?
What are the values and virtues, aligning your actions with the direction you want to go which will define your future?
We might have a blurred idea of our destiny, we might have dreams about our future, we even might have plans – but do we have implemented principles, guiding our action, our words, our thoughts towards the best of our Selfs?
The recognition, acceptance, the agreement and eventually the recovery of our creative power is the precondition to Be your best Self.
(And no, by creative power I do not mean doing some pottery or repairing the motorbike:
Creative Power is the fuel for your daily decisions towards alignment, verticality, your Higher Self.)

This is the sense of our workshops, of our Aquarian Teacher Trainings:

The understanding that every breath we take bears the possibility for our real Self, our Sat-Nām-identity, to become the guidance of our thoughts, our words, our actions – if only I dedicate my Prāna to the discovery of what I really am.
[Be open for surprises – it might not be what you thought it would be.]

This alignment to our Higher Self makes the animal in us human, and the human angelic.
It is the rise from false entanglements to freedom, where the point of reference for giving account changes from worldly measure to Divine.
Far beyond techniques, tools, plans, politics and strategies, we can find the freedom of self-responsibility and self-initiation; independent, free and yet most responsible.

A world manifesting this freedom is our vision.
Touching peoples heart with this message and sharing the yogic tools of growth and personal development is our mission.

Published: March 18, 2019