“This path will belong to those who, with all their strengths and weaknesses, will still serve others.”
Yogi Bhajan

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SunGalaa – the toolkit for your destiny

With Yoga, life can change to the better. It is a holistic approach to union – the union of body, mind and soul.
While the fast circling world gives us no break, Yoga teaches us balance.
We are here to share this experience of inner peace and beauty with You.
Sun Galaa was born of the meeting of two Kundalini Yoga teachers, Sohan Kaur and Jiwan Shakti Kaur Khalsa. Two professionals united by the desire to serve and spread the Teachings in the best way, to serve others and each other.
The idea was to provide a practical toolbox for supporting everyone who wants to fulfil their destiny.
The name is taken from Pauri 32 of Japji, the karma completer. The pauree describes the commitment to the spoken word and its dedication to the Divine. The term sun galaa invites a deep listening which lets us hear the infinity of the moment, so our thoughts, words and action may be aligned with our destiny. When we live in alignment with our true purpose of life, we live righteously: the way of Dharma. And where there is Dharma, there is no karma.
We invite you to start and follow this journey to your true Self, to establish a deep and unbreakable connection to your Sat Nam identity which may guide you through your life.
These are the tools we offer, being reflected in our workshops, trainings and all other stuff you find on this site.


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“Don’t just talk to a person, don’t just befriend a person, don’t just shake hands with a person.
Serve that person.
Elevate them.”

Yogi Bhajan